Collaborative Health Center is a group practice with multiple clinicians who bring diverse backgrounds, specialties, interests, and training to their work. We believe in offering an environment that most effectively nurtures growth and healing in our clients. We treat children, adolescents, and adults with individual, couples, and family therapy. While our practitioners’ trainings are generalized, we have specialties in the areas of anxiety, depression, adolescents, substance abuse, EMDR, divorce recovery, and eating disorders. We work with local dietitians, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals to support our clients as comprehensively as possible. We welcome collaboration with any practitioner.

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what they want to work on, others come only with a general sense that they would like things (relationships, mood, job satisfaction, overall life stress, etc.) to be better, and many somewhere in between. We would love the opportunity to partner with you to help you have the life and relationships you desire.

Our Vision

Together, we can make tomorrow better than today.

Our Mission

Collaborative Health Center is a comfortable place for therapists, patients, and their close ones to work together to improve their lives, one step at a time.

We’re home to a group of compassionate, highly skilled therapists experienced in treating a wide range of mental, emotional, and relationship problems through the use of a variety of techniques and approaches. We’re dedicated to helping clients find a therapist who’s a good match for them.

We empower our therapists to focus on patient care by providing comprehensive administrative and professional support, and to learn and grow through collaboration with a team of deeply experienced and passionate colleagues.


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