Perspectives on Thoughts, Feelings and Sensations

Everything you experience, all thought all feelings and sensations are temporary visitors on the permanent stage of you. Watch them come, watch them go, sit back relax and enjoy the show.   ©Michael Morris, MA, LLP

Believing Your Thoughts?

Your eyes see the world. Can they see EVERYTHING that exists? No. They can't. We cannot see the millions of microscopic objects, and the entirety of the light spectrum because our eyes can only see a fraction of what is in front of you right now. Your ears hear. Can they hear EVERY sound that is happening at this moment?...[ read more ]


You most likely have heard this before. Really let yourself feel into the idea for a moment. We think we know what we want and what we need. We are caught up in trying to control our lives down to the last detail. Are we really that all knowing? Are we really that wise? Or do we need life to...[ read more ]

Radical Ideas?

See if you can allow yourself to fully experience at least one of these statements. Notice what happens when you do. You are never the same person twice. You are constantly being recreated in every moment. While you are a product of your past, your past has nothing to do with who you are in this moment, and nothing to...[ read more ]


Why Do We Suffer? There are lots of reasons why we experience pain and suffering in our daily lives. Let’s examine why life can hurt and see what can be done to rectify it. YOU ARE CARRYING AROUND FAULTY CORE BELIEFS: Core beliefs are the hidden programs that determine how you see, and interpret the world. Core beliefs play a large...[ read more ]

What Does It Mean To Heal

The Biggest Gift You Can Give Yourself Is Emotional Healing Life can be brutal. We are susceptible to stressful and disturbing events, known as traumatic events. Traumatic events can leave an emotional bruise. Any bruise is painful to the touch. When pain from a traumatic event becomes overwhelming impairing our ability to function, is when healing needs to take place....[ read more ]

A Perspective On Relationships

Often times I see parents who believe: I have to worry about my children…Right? You may not be a parent, but perhaps a son or daughter worried about a parent(s), or any important person in your life. "Look at all the terrible things happening in the world. I can't even feel safe sending my kids to school." While it is true parents...[ read more ]

Happy New Year

Well it's almost the New Year and many people are formulating New Year Resolutions. Whatever you may or may not be planning, here are some things that I believe even with a modest amount of attention on your part will have a positive impact your New Year. Allow yourself to notice when you are comparing yourself to others. This includes...[ read more ]


In 1971 John Lennon composed a song entitled, "Imagine" in which he wrote the following lyrics. Imagine no possession / I wonder if you can / no need for greed or hunger / a brotherhood of man / Imagine all the people sharing all the world... Take a moment to look around you and ask yourself, "What do I own"?...[ read more ]

Life Lessons from a Tightrope Walker

Know the feeling?? I think we all do. We feel like one wrong step and well….we don't want to go there. Literally or figuratively. Is that our reality? Is that how life is?? While the cable is thin and suspended high above the ground, we need to realize that to the person on the cable that is their only source...[ read more ]

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